Starting from version 3.2 Uninstall Tool supports removing of items in batch mode. To activate it hold Ctrl key and select required items by clicking (alternately hold Shift key and use keyboard Up/Down keys to select items next to each other):

Batch Force Removal

As well as normal Force Removal it will not run associated uninstallers and will only scan for leftover file system/registry items and display them in a merged list that requires a precise review. The most thorough and accurate removal is performed for programs traced with Install Tracker.

Batch Remove Entries from the list

Simply removes selected items from Windows Registry without removing any file system/registry items belonging to selected programs. Use this function carefully and only for obsolete or invalid list entries.

What about batch 'Uninstall'?

There's no batch uninstall command for the following reasons:

  • It would require running each associated uninstaller one by one. You would have to sit in front of the computer as you will have to select the uninstall option for each program manually. It wouldn't drastically save your time because there’s still a lot of manual work involved.
  • If some application would want to restart your computer, batch uninstall process would fail
  • Batch uninstall where the're complex software like antivirus, networking tools could be harmful.