Starting from version 3.0 AnyToISO is able to create ISO images from files and folders located on your local disk. In order to do that, one should have a folder containing all files/folders for the desired ISO image of an optical media disk. Everything is very simple: just perform a right click on a folder in Windows Explorer (AnyToISO 3.1 and higher) or select a folder, resulting ISO file and desired volume label and press the "Make ISO" button in AnyToISO window. The final ISO image is compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux and can be read by any program (that supports ISO images) or can be burned on a real CD/DVD optical media.

Default file systems are ISO 9660, Joliet (ISO 9660 extension to support lower case letters and long file names) and UDF. Configuring file systems and their parameters can be done in the special dialog after clicking the Settings button.

More information on ISO 9660/Joliet/UDF file systems can be read in AnyToISO Online help.