It's well known that installation (setup) programs can create hundreds or even thousands of different items in Windows Registry, create a great amount of files/folders in various places of your HDD. Default uninstallation programs often leave a lot of leftover items and this inevitably leads to making your PC being full of unnecessary data and working slower.

Uninstall Tool 3 solves this problem introducing new Installation Tracker (Installation Monitor). This revolutionary technology lets you install a program and trace everything it creates on your PC in real-time mode! When uninstalling a traced program Uninstall Wizard will completely delete ALL its items from your HDD and Windows Registry as if this program was never installed before! Curious users may also read:


You can install a new program with Install Tracker by simply selecting "Install and Trace" command from the right-click menu on a setup file (e.g. "setup.exe", "AdobeInstaller.msi"):

Press the "Install and Trace" button or drag&drop an installation file to the the window

On Windows 7 and later one is also able to invoke Install Tracker using Taskbar context menu:

After successful installation the new program will appear in the list with a "Traced" mark indicating that all traced data will be removed from your PC (in Uninstall Wizard) during uninstallation after running default uninstaller program (or when using Force Removal feature)

Embedded Installations

Some installation packages can install more than one program at once. Install Tracker is able to detect such situations and handles them in the following way: when installation is completed, Install Tracker displays a list of installed applications and allows user to select the main item. The main item will be displayed in the Apps list with a special icon in the 'Traced' column. Consider that when removing traced data of the main item, Uninstall Tool will also remove traced data of all dependent items. A special warning message will be displayed when needed.

Quick Facts

- Monitor creating of any files/folders/registry items (including creation of Windows Services and registration of any COM components)
- Complete compatibility with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8 including 64-bit versions
- Support of any type of setup programs including Windows Installer based (MSI)
- Thorough real-time log

Important Notes

- Please make sure than no other installation is currently running. Tracing a setup with another setup in progress may lead to mixing of program traces
- It's highly recommended not to install a program with having any previous version installed (e.g. installing 3.0 over 2.0). First remove the old version and install the program of a new version afterwards. Respecting this rule will help the installation monitor to determine which traces exactly belong to the latest version of a program
- Some programs can install shared components on your system. These components may be used by other programs in future. It may happen when uninstalling these components some other programs will work improperly or even may stop working. A simple example is when a program installs Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package. In most cases Uninstall Tool detects such situations:

But still many programs can get around this and install some components silently. That being said when using Uninstall Wizard please check what you're going to delete.