Uninstall Tool Command Line

Install and Trace a program (.exe or .msi)

UninstallTool.exe /install [setupfile]

Uninstall tracing service

Normally this command is NOT intended to be run by a user because the service is automatically removed when Uninstall Tool is removed. This command is used in "RemoveService.cmd" in Portable version of Uninstall Tool.

UninstallTool.exe /uninstall_service

Setup program command line

Uninstall Tool setup program (uninstalltool_setup.exe) is build using Inno Setup thus supports all its command line options e.g. /SILENT, /VERYSILENT, /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES and many others. More info

Uninstall Tool Gebruikershandleiding

Dit onderwerp is onderdeel van Uninstall Tool Ondersteuningsartikelen.

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