• Usage Questions
    1. I cannot pin Uninstall Tool icon to Windows 7 TaskBar
      If you cannot pin Uninstall Tool using standard practice, do the following: create a shortcut of Uninstall Tool on your desktop and rename it to "UTool" (or any other name without 'install' keyword). Then run the program from this shortcut and pin it.

    2. I cannot remove XXX program from my computer with Uninstall Tool
      Please use Force Removal feature.

    3. What is Force Removal
    4. Force removal of an application means removing all its traces (file system and registry items) without running the associated uninstaller. Force Removal uses Uninstall Wizard ™ technology to find all application traces. When using Force Removal with a traced item the Uninstall Wizard displays all the traced (during installation) leftovers plus some found program data folders/registry keys. In other case Uninstall Wizard ™ performs a deep scan of system registry and file system for unused registry entries and files.

    5. How should I update Uninstall Tool when new version (new build) is released?
      If you have an earlier version of Uninstall Tool already installed, you can let the installer upgrade (overwrite) your existing installation. The setup will tell you to reboot your computer if required.

    6. Tell me more about Software/System/Hidden categories
      Software category displays the list of installed software as it Add/Remove program does plus some more programs (that do not appear in the Add/Remove program's list).
      System is the list of system components. Some more programs may appear here (because Windows treats them as system)
      Hidden is the list of all other software and components. Usually they do not have an uninstaller.

    7. Is Uninstall Wizard ™ safe to use?
      Yes, it is. The 100% guarantee - you can always control what's going to be deleted.

    8. 'Install and trace' is not displayed in context menu of Total Commander

      This happens when Total Commander is x86 and you're running x64 version of Windows. Upgrade to x64 version of Total Commander.

  • Licensing Questions
    1. How to register Uninstall Tool after purchasing?
      Please read this tutorial.

    2. How can I upgrade from Uninstall Tool 2.x to Uninstall Tool 3.x
    3. Existing customers of Uninstall Tool 2.x (any type of license, also bought in bundle) get additional 50% discount on Uninstall Tool 3.x. To apply a discount one should enter his e-mail (used with the previous purchase) as a coupon name on the purchase page.

    4. Do you provide refund in some cases?
      Yes. But there's a Refund Policy.

    5. Should I purchase 2 licenses if I want to use Uninstall Tool on two computers at home and at work?
      Yes. But discounts are available.
      Another solution is to buy Uninstall Tool in bundle with AnyToISO and use both programs on two computers.

    6. Why should I provide my phone number while purchasing?
      Our payment processing partner insists on providing your phone number to minimize the risk of Credit Card Fraud.