Now you can carry your favorite Uninstall Tool program along with all of its settings with you (on a USB flash drive) and use it on any Windows computer.

Portable version of Uninstall Tool stores its settings in the program folder (preferences.xml file) as well as license information. Program cache and installation tracing data are still located on local machine.

Uninstall Tool Portable can be used on multiple computers by a single person.

Portable license and Install Tracker

Install Tracker (Installation Monitor) is fully functionaly in portable mode with one exception: installing apps with Install Tracker should be done via Uninstall Tool "Install and Trace" button (not via right click context menu in Windows Explorer):


Registration data should be saved to the text file "license.dat" which should be placed into the program folder. The data should be of the following format:
The first line - registration name
The second line - registration code
John Smith

Portable version download link

Note: when the registration name has international (other than English) characters it's recommended to save 'license.dat' in UTF8 encoding.