Uninstall Tool Pricing & Buy

Uninstall Tool Price
Standard License
Volume discounts available
1495 ₽
Portable License
Single user - multiple PCs
2495 ₽
Uninstall Tool + AnyToISO = Save $! Price
Standard License
Volume discounts available
1995 ₽
4390 ₽
Portable License
Single user - multiple PCs
3195 ₽
4490 ₽

For customers from the European Union, value added tax (VAT) is included in the listed prices. Companies can purchase tax-free by providing their VAT registration number. For customers outside the EU, no VAT is added.

Student discount

If you're a student, please e-mail us using your university e-mail address (typically .edu TLD for the US) for 30% discount.

Upgrade from 2.x version

Existing customers of Uninstall Tool 2.x (any type of license, also bought in bundle) get 50% discount on Uninstall Tool 3. To apply a discount one should enter his e-mail (used with the previous purchase) as a coupon name on this page.

Quick Facts
  • Each type of license is a one-time payment which includes life-time technical support.
  • Standard License is on a per-PC basis. Number of computers can be specified as 'Quantity' after pressing the "Buy Now" button (discounts apply).
  • Portable license is designed for use by a single user on multiple PCs. Portable mode doesn't require installing and activating the app on each computer, it can be started from a USB flash drive. Detailed instructions are sent straight after the purchase.
  • All minor updates are FREE. Major updates (2.x -> 3.x) come with 50% discount for existing customers.