Manual Instructions for removing Windows Desktop Search 3:

Different computers seem to require different removal methods. So here's a handy removal summary.

1. Start by running up Uninsytall Tool and look for Windows Desktop Search in the list. If lucky, it’ll be there and you can just remove it.

2. If that fails, look for MSN Search Toolbar in the programs list. If there, uninstalling this ought to uninstall Windows Desktop Search too. Be warned though, it obviously uninstalls the MSN Search Toolbar too. If you use this, you’ll have to re-install it afterwards. We assume you can re-install the MSN Search Toolbar without ending up with Windows Desktop Search back on your machine, but we haven’t checked this.

3. If neither of the above work, the next option is to try a manual delete. Start up a command window and try running


This should start up the hidden Windows Desktop Search uninstaller and allow you to manually remove it.

4. If that fails, then we get into the more risky solutions. If you have a second PC, you could try installing Windows Desktop Search on there and hope you get a $NtUninstallKB917013$ folder on that machine. If you do, you can then zip it up and copy it to your first machine and then run it there to remove the application.

Manual Instructions for removing Windows Desktop Search 4:

1. Start Uninstall Tool from the control panel and look for Windows Desktop Search in the list. Unlike with version 3, Windows Search v4 should be there.

2. If not, open a cmd window (click on Start, then "Run.." and type cmd in the Run dialog that then appears). Then copy and paste the following line into the cmd window:


3. If that also fails and you get a "The system cannot find the path specified." error, then I have zipped up a copy that you can download from here. To work out where to extract it to, type:

echo %systemroot%

into your cmd window and note the location it points to (it is likely to be C:\Windows, but may not be if you upgraded to XP for Windows 2000 for example). Open the zip file, and extract the $NtUninstallKB940157$ to this location. Now repeat step 2.