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CrystalIDEA Software offers unique software products for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X systems:
Uninstall Tool
Clean removal of any program from your PC

Uninstaller that works with lightning speed, performs complete removal of software and manages programs that run at system startup.

AnyToISO Converter
Extract/Convert any CD/DVD image to ISO format

Downloaded a CD/DVD image in an unknown format? Convert BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, B5I, IMG, DAA, UIF, DMG CD/DVD-ROM images to ISO on Windows and Mac OS X.

Macs Fan Control
Software control of iMac, Macbook Pro/Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro fans

Reduce fans noise, protect macs from overheating, monitor all possible temperature sensors including 3rd party HDD/SSD. Works on any Apple computer - iMac/Macbook (Pro)/Mac mini/Mac Pro on both Mac and Windows (Boot Camp).

Freeware tools

  • SpeedyFox 2 - speed up your Firefox/Chrome/Skype/Thunderbird with a single click!

    Latest Headlines

     10/08/2014AnyToISO 3.6.1
    Improvements in ZIP extract and ZIP to ISO operations
     22/07/2014Macs Fan Control 1.1.12
    Various improvements, recommended for update. Complete changelog, Download for Mac and Windows
     01/07/2014AnyToISO 3.6.0
    Support of new types of XBOX ISO images, support of DMG images of GPT type. Extraction of DMG images is now much faster, Improved ISO 9660/UDF images extraction. Lots of other improvements and fixes. Read more
     29/05/2014Uninstall Tool 3.4
    New feature: Install/Trace a program and append traced data to an existing traced item. Learn more. Uninstall Wizard now has detailed removal log and is able to export scan result to XML file. Uninstall Wizard is now more stable, advanced and even more effective. Lots of improvements in Install Tracker. Tons of improvements overall, read detailed information.
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